Instructional Designer

by jennifergupta / on 20 February, 2021

Slider Do/Don’t

I’m a big fan of Articulate 360’s community and it’s collaboration. I love how friendly everyone is and how the create content for download and shari
by jennifergupta / on 17 February, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #314

This week's challenge is all about interactive maps. I've decided to show off my inner nerd, and do a D&D map of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast....
by jennifergupta / on 14 February, 2021

Epic Challenge – StoryLine 360 vs. Unity PT.1

Alright, sounds nuts, right? I've been asked to create a sort of educational game that teaches people about basic freshwater aquarium information. ...
by jennifergupta / on 13 February, 2021

Nesting Vertical Menu Example

I searched all over the articulate community for a good nesting menu example that was vertical. I learned a lot about nesting and menus, but I could...
by jennifergupta / on 10 February, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #313

This week's challenge is all about the old ice breaker Two Truths and a Lie. I thought it would be a great idea to create a game and to use this a...
by jennifergupta / on 5 February, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #312

This week's E-Learning challenge was to used mixed media in a course. Similar to the Knuffle Bunny book series. I found it very difficult to fi...
by jennifergupta / on 28 January, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #311

Doing the E-Learning Challenges from Articulate 360's blog is a great way to build my skills with their products. For this week's challenge, we were...
by jennifergupta / on 25 January, 2021

I am rubbish with colors. I like to choose ones I like, or that have a meaning that I am trying to convey. However, while my color sense isn't terr...
by jennifergupta / on 19 January, 2021

Devlin Peck

One of my favorite ID's is Devlin Peck. Not only does listening to him remind me of my days living in Great Britain, but he is easy to understand an...
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