Instructional Designer

Playing around with Vyond & WellSaidLabs

For a new course I am building (Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback) that I am creating for the American College of Education, I needed a video introduction. I haven’t played with Vyond since it was GoAnimate, and decided to give it try.

I don’t have the best audio setup in my house right now. Covid has all my teenagers and I sitting at the same dining room table. The dogs run all over the place, and the cats seem to think that the keyboard is the best place to rest. All the added noise makes creating an audio soundtrack without feedback impossible. Enter Google. What programs exist for text-to-speech? Yes, I could use the slightly robotic voices that are included in Articulate 360, but I wanted something a little more human. There are quite a few options out there!

Some of the choices I looked at are:

Amazon Polly
and WellSaidLabs

I chose WellSaidLabs because it looked easy to use (it was!) and it allowed for a truly full FREE demonstration. I was able to complete an entire project using the free version. This really let me dig deep and see the different uses. (The free version allows for a week’s time playing with it and I think 50 downloadable audio files)

I used WellSaidLabs to create the voice over for my Vyond video introduction. It’s a short one at only 52 seconds, but I think it gest the job done. What do you think?

I also had enough time left to make a summary video…