Instructional Designer

Playing around with Voki

So I needed a talking avatar for a quick project and decided to try out Voki.

The service lets you choose from many avatars, and do voice overs. They have a wide variety of characters to choose from, and the service is really easy to use.

I didn’t care for their voices, so I added the text to get the voice over, and then used ScreenCastify to record the video. Once I had it, I recorded my own voice using my phone’s voice recorder, and then uploaded both the video and the audio to Adobe’s Premier Rush and did my best to sync them up. Voki does allow you to upload audio files, record your voice, and/or call in to them to record, but I wasn’t able to get any of those features to work consistently.

I made a bunch of these, and then used it to create a short tutorial on how to open a Google account.

This is my opening screen which helps users understand what to do.

I then walk through each of the steps needed to create a Google Account. The video controls stop both the avatar video and the video walkthrough of how to accomplish the task. Clicking Next on the video (using hotspots) changes screens to the next portion of the instructions.