Instructional Designer

Playing around with Glideapp

I love no code apps, and I’m always looking for new ones to play around with. I recently came across Glideapp, a no code way to create an app from a spreadsheet. I had a spreadsheet for my Baggin’ Meals website, and decided to see just how easy it would be to create an app for it.

Oh man! This was super easy! I spent about 6 hours re-organizing data, and creating the app. That’s it! Most of it was the re-organizing of the data, as the glideapp made the entire process super simple. If you have a spreadsheet that you need a visual app for, I highly recommend this website! Take a look at what I built or download it and try it yourself!

Baggin Meals is a website that shows menus for meals that are entirely shelf stable. The idea is that people who can donate these brown bag meals can easily give them to people who need them, and the meals can sit on their shelves until they are ready to eat them.

Individual recipe pages include how to make it into a shelf stable meal, as well as how to cook it if you receive it.
You can add recipes straight from the app as well.
The app allows users to setup Events for pickup/dropoff of Baggin’ Meals.
The event detail page allows contact to the organizer straight from the app, and shows a map of where the event will be held.

Feel free to scan the QR code above to download and play with the app yourself! Let me know what you think!