Instructional Designer

E-Learning Challenge #317

Using Interactive Audio Soundboards with E-Learning

Well, I don’t know how you would use this in e-learning, unless you were in a music class, perhaps, but all I could think about when I heard this challenge was INCREDIBOX! One of my favorite apps (which is now a website!) is an amazingly fun create your own music site/app. I have used it for years!

I used a new website that my kids told me about and made all the avatars. These ones are free with attribution.
Picrewの「djarn’s character maker」でつくったよ! #Picrew #djarns_character_maker
Like Incredibox, to use my soundbox demo, you drag the clothing item onto each avatar. The avatar changes, plays a looping sound depending on which clothing item you dragged there. There are 9 sounds (3 for each avatar) that are programmed into this demo.