Instructional Designer

E-Learning Challenge #315

Using Interactive Timelines to Present Sequenced Information in E-Learning

This week’s learning challenge is inspired by my love of plants! I started planting seedlings this week for planting in my outside garden in the spring. The idea is to use the interactive timeline (in this case, via a dial) to see the growth of a seedling over 11 days to germination. I chose a bean plant as it’s got a quick germination rate.

The start of the demo has 6 steps that you need to complete in order to plant your seed.
step 1: make a hole – When you click this a bamboo shoot comes down and pokes a hole for you.
step 2 – plant the seed uses drag and drop feature to plant the seed.
Step 3 uses the bamboo shoot again to cover the hole, and step 4 brings forth water.
Step 5 brings down a lightbulb that you can turn on and off. Step 6 brings out an info screen and sets up the dial -Days since Planting.
As you move the dial, the plant grows until it’s about 12 days old. You can then reset the entire interaction and go again.
clicking the i menu brings out information about planting beans, and the ? button brings out the instruction menu