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Adding Google Translate to Rise

Hi All! I’m back again with another Google Translate feature, but this time in Rise!

Following the success of integrating Google Translate into Storyline, I have followed N R Z Malik’s Rise tutorial from and incorporated it into the rise courses.

Now, his solution is great, but the JavaScript calls out to his servers, and I worry that if anything ever happens to his code, my courses won’t load. So, I’ve copied his code to my local servers and got it to work here.

title image showing people in a conference room talking. the words Daas customer onboarding appear on the image.

His solution has you publish the rise course and then add in a <script> code to the index.html file. This script calls out to a JS file elsewhere to call in the Google Translate features. Other than not being aligned as wonderfully as I’d like it on my screen, the feature works beautifully.