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by jennifergupta / on 10 March, 2023

HourOne – AI video creation

Overall impression: I have had so much fun playing with this new tool this week! I can see so much potential and I think this application can go pretty far! However, the tool isn’t perfect yet, I experienced quite a few glitches and there
by jennifergupta / on 5 July, 2021

Halcyon International School

The problem:  Halcyon International School wanted a way to communicate with its students, to send messages to groups of students, clubs, individual students, or grade years.  They wanted a solution that incorporated their zero waste/ no paper policy, and utilized each student’s 1-1 device
by jennifergupta / on 29 June, 2021

EZ Model Lighting

EZmodel Lighting is a company in Raleigh NC that creates hobby lighting for model train sets, doll houses and other model applications.  They needed a website to showcase their software and hardware solutions.  The website needed to include a Quick Start guide on how
by jennifergupta / on 8 May, 2021

Playing around with Landbot

I was curious to see what I could do with a chat app, and decided to check out Landbot. It’s a neat little application that allows you to create a chat feature on your website. I decided to try it out to create a
by jennifergupta / on 14 April, 2021


All over LinkedIn there is this 7taps challenge. This web program called 7Taps is challenging everyone to create a micro-elearning course in 7 taps. Having a little extra time on my hands this week, I decided to do it, and see if the program
by jennifergupta / on 6 April, 2021

Glideapp & Chores

I’ve decided that I really like Glideapp. The functionality that it has is amazing. Could it be better? Sure, but is it powerful? You Betcha! With 4 of us in the house, keeping track of chores can be a challenge. My teenagers have outgrown
by jennifergupta / on 31 March, 2021

Playing around with Voki

So I needed a talking avatar for a quick project and decided to try out Voki. The service lets you choose from many avatars, and do voice overs. They have a wide variety of characters to choose from, and the service is really easy
by jennifergupta / on 13 March, 2021

Playing around with Glideapp

I love no code apps, and I’m always looking for new ones to play around with. I recently came across Glideapp, a no code way to create an app from a spreadsheet. I had a spreadsheet for my Baggin’ Meals website, and decided to
by jennifergupta / on 10 March, 2021

Playing around with Vyond & WellSaidLabs

For a new course I am building (Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback) that I am creating for the American College of Education, I needed a video introduction. I haven’t played with Vyond since it was GoAnimate, and decided to give it try. I don’t
by jennifergupta / on 25 January, 2021

I am rubbish with colors. I like to choose ones I like, or that have a meaning that I am trying to convey. However, while my color sense isn’t terrible, it isn’t always spot on either. That’s where comes in. This amazing website