Instructional Designer

Glideapp & Chores

I’ve decided that I really like Glideapp. The functionality that it has is amazing. Could it be better? Sure, but is it powerful? You Betcha!

With 4 of us in the house, keeping track of chores can be a challenge. My teenagers have outgrown all the cool ‘create an avatar’ chore apps, then tend to lose any sort of paper ones, but like many teens, they are never far from their phones. Enter Glideapp – My son and I created a chore distribution app that we all have on our phones now.

We started with a template (Our chores by Robert Pettito) and then modified it to suit our needs. My son changed most of the app and database, so not much remains from the original, but it was still a great jumping off point. We hadn’t used a lot of user roles before, so we had wanted something to give us a starting point.

As you can see, the app has all the functionality that is needed for us to be successful. We can add chores, assign the details, frequency, assign to a person, due dates, locations, and icons. We can change due dates if we need to, and all edit/delete functionalities have been given to us from the app, which means we don’t have to go into the database directly to edit anything.

I added an Edit menu option for all the adding/deleting locations and frequencies and felt that adding a chore was better served in this menu as well. User adding/deleting is still in the helper menu.

What’s next? Many of the chores are permanently assigned to a person, and they are re-occurring. The next step in our app is to have it auto-generate a next due date, based on the current due date and the frequency.