Instructional Designer

by jennifergupta / on 4 May, 2021

Zentangle Memory Game

Continuing with my H5P playing, I created this cute little memory game using black and white zentangles. Can you complete it?
by jennifergupta / on 1 May, 2021

Instructional Design Word-Find

I installed H5P, a wordpress plugin and have begun playing around with the interactive features that it gives. In particular, I am interested in the...
by jennifergupta / on 28 April, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #323

This week's challenge is all about creating an interactive coloring book. I chose to create a simple CVC plurals coloring book featuring some adorab...
by jennifergupta / on 21 April, 2021

The Flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe

This simple collage featuring some of the amazing flower paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe was done for ELHC #322 See it for yourself! This inter...
by jennifergupta / on 17 April, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #321

It's all about the drag and drop this week folks! Take me to the demo! I'm working on creating a game for my Baggin' Meals course and it i...
by jennifergupta / on 14 April, 2021


All over LinkedIn there is this 7taps challenge. This web program called 7Taps is challenging everyone to create a micro-elearning course in 7 taps....
by jennifergupta / on 10 April, 2021

Quality Matters

Learning about what makes a great E-Learning course is essential for a good Instructional Designer. What better way to do that than to take a dive i...
by jennifergupta / on 6 April, 2021

Glideapp & Chores

I've decided that I really like Glideapp. The functionality that it has is amazing. Could it be better? Sure, but is it powerful? You Betcha! ...
by jennifergupta / on 31 March, 2021

Playing around with Voki

So I needed a talking avatar for a quick project and decided to try out Voki. The service lets you choose from many avatars, and do voice overs. ...
by jennifergupta / on 24 March, 2021

E-Learning Challenge #319

This challenge was a lot of fun, in that I got to work with animated gifs from I bought these images for use in a larger project and...