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Is there a future for e-learning in games such as Talespire?

Is there a future for e-learning in 3d games such as Talespire?

The future is oh so bright when it comes to scenario based and immersive learning. One day, we’ll all don headsets a la “Ready Player One” and immerse ourselves in an amazing world to learn from.

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Until then, some of us can do that in some basic pseudo worlds through our Oculus Rifts, and other 3d headsets, but what about our mainstream audiences?

Years ago, the education world embraced MineCraft, I believe it has room for one more… TaleSpire. Never heard of it? No worries, your not alone! TaleSpire is new, and mostly used as a substitute for tabletop RPG games, but I believe it can be used for more…. much more….

TaleSpire (currently a STEAM game) is a world building engine. With the right ‘blocks’ (similar to MineCraft) you can build a whole world, and then build people to interact within it. Imagine building an entire Medieval town, complete with the correct outfits, people, and scenery. You can have puzzles, crimes and learn about the justice system of the time.

Worlds are easy to build, and there are a lot of assets being developed that are freely shared amongst users. I can easily see this being used for so many things!

For example: What about building a ‘world’ that is a single store – like an ATT store, or a Best Buy. With a customer desk. Customers come into the desk with their computers, tablets, phones, etc. We build a world where we have to ask questions, diagnose issues, and help the customer. Now, what if we could have our users click on their in game computer and it popped up a browser that they could access the (real) UAT system and actually create the tickets and log the problems that were in the game? How amazing would that type of practice be?

I am eager to be on the forefront of such technology! I’ll be attempting to create some assets and build my own store! Follow along with me as I build it! (This will take me a while, so check back in a few months!)