Instructional Designer

E-Learning Challenge #326 Teaching Math

This week’s challenge is all about teaching math! I chose to have kids practice the 8’s times tables.

Play Galaxy Math now!

In this micro-learning game, you are helping Octavio beat his friends in a friendly game of mental maths with the 8’s times tables.

The game takes you through each of Octavio’s friends, including his twin sister Octavia. Each one multiplies their number against Octavio’s.

If you answer incorrectly, Octavio’s friends get the points. If you are correct, Octavio gets the points.

If Octavio’s friends get more points than Octavio does, you see this screen.

This game has a few variables, such as the ones that keep score, and count how many you got correct. However, it’s mostly trigger happy when it comes to figuring out who gets what points. Each multiplication slide is also a TextEntry Freeform slide, and uses it’s logic to help determine the correct answer.

It uses the sounds for correct and incorrect answers taken from ZapSplat. In fact, see the reference list as shown above…

I also added in a little hint for how to multiply the 8’s times tables for any kids who may get stuck. In this case, my galaxy theme includes moons. The hint is accessible as a lightboxed slide on any slide with a ? in the middle.