Instructional Designer

My 1st Rise course

My last class required me to do a course in Rise. My amazing workplace, Lenovo, allowed me to do a collaboration on a work project, so this worked out beautifully!

The course is on how we, as ID’s in Lenovo, create a Faux Captioning experience for our learners. This enables us to use Storyline to create the best experience for our learners keeping both accessibility and the ability to translate into different languages in mind.

We incorporate a simple design that allows us to situate a textbox filled with variable anywhere on the screen we would like. In this way, we can ensure that our captions do not block any of the onscreen images that may be important for our learners to see.

From there, we have an on/off button, and then we use triggers to set the variable to match the audio and ensure it matches.

I’m a big fan of the constructivist theory and love to provide hands on practice, and interactions, within my courses. I used many different types of interactions within this course to encourage my learners to click on and discover information.

I also added in an entire section for Practice. Here, I added in everything my learners need to complete this task, including practice .story files and the cc button that I personally created. There is even a checklist so that my learners can easily mark down what they accomplished and what they may need to review.