Instructional Designer

My favorite ID’s & websites to follow

Like everyone, I have my favorite instructional designers. People whose work has helped me, driven me, and inspired me to learn and grow in the field. Who motivates you?

Devlin Peck – I was lucky to have found Devlin’s website right at the beginning of my instructional design journey. I followed his examples, setting up my LinkedIn profile, this website, my portfolio and my blog based on what I learned from him. I scoured his website, going through all the tutorials, exploring xAPI information, and joined in on his many free talks. If you are just starting out on your instructional design journey, this is the place you need to start!

Storyline’s E-Learning Heroes – my second stop. I love this website. At the beginning of my journey, I did every weekly challenge. What an amazing way to build skills in short tasks and have fun doing it. I learned so much from this community and I cannot recommend them enough. They also have a huge free download section where you can download examples and either use them or take them a part and learn how they work!

Cathy Moore – When learning about instructional design methods, I was drawn more to new methods that take into account the current changing landscape of the workplace. When I found out that there were theorists that were still alive, I had to seek some out! That’s where Cathy Moore comes in. Her Action Mapping techniques are fabulous! I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a session that Cathy did with Devlin (see above) to model this technique. It was great! Map it is a book that is on my instructional design book shelf!

Cath Ellis – If videos are more your style, you’ll love Cath Ellis’s YouTube channel. I love how easy she is to follow.

Tim Slade – Tim has a great website with tons of information about the basics on how to design eLearning content. His book The ELearning Designers Handbook is on my instructional design book shelf!

Learning Guild – I like the learning guild for it’s strong community. The website is huge, there is SO much out there to read and learn from.

CommlabIndia – I like this blog for it’s straightforward answer to my many questions. It seems as if they have an answer for every question that I have asked so far. Maybe I’ll know when I’ve ‘arrived’ as an ID when I finally have questions that they haven’t thought of first!

What are you favorite blogs, websites and ID’s to follow?