Instructional Designer

Educational AI?

As nice as the software is to animate people and scenes, there is still a lot of extra coding that has to go on behind the scenes. I cannot have an unscripted conversation with my digital person. I cannot see them move or interact without my telling it to do so, and these interactions take time to program.

Then, I came across a project that aims to do just that! To make an intelligent AI that we can use in your education (and lots of other) worlds that can react without being specifically programmed by us. It will use only it’s back end programming. I’m sure it’ll take while to get up to speed, but how cool is that?

Anyone else taking notice of Soul Machine’s Digital People?

While I think they still have a long way to go to make the facial expressions and mouth movements more realistic, and to hone in on language patterns, colloquialisms and slang, I think they are on to something amazing here. This feels like the beginning of JOI from Blade Runner 2049.

With this software already out in the world, I can’t imagine that it would be too long , maybe a few short years, where we short funded individuals in the education world are able to create some amazing trainings using this technology. I look forward to trying it out!