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Nesting Vertical Menu Example

I searched all over the articulate community for a good nesting menu example that was vertical. I learned a lot about nesting and menus, but I couldn’t find anything that was what I was looking for, so taking what I learned, I built one of my own. I took inspiration from the articulate 360 community, you can find the articles that I used at the end of this blog.

As you can see- the menu is located on the left in a vertical position. The menu is actually a pull out menu -it appears to the right of each button.
Each menu has a pull out sub menu with some modules to read and an activity to do. The activity is locked until the modules have been read.
I have included the process for creating these menus on the slides themselves, so this is sort of a mini course itself, not just an example.
These slides have different states and layers. The variables control which state the text and the character are in.
You can see the activity unlocks when all the sub menus have been visited.
In this second menu option – instead of different states, I created different layers, and showed you how to work the menu that way.

For a great tutorial on how to do create the pull out menus this visit here
also – another great resource that is downloadable can be found here…