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Adding Google Translate to iSpring

We do a lot of courses using iSpring. Think super quick moving projects that are short on time AND require constant updates. Until these types of project settle in a little bit, we choose to do most of the training in Quick Reference Guides, PowerPoint, and maybe a short video. For PowerPoint, we don’t always want to load it in PPT or even in PDF format. Sometimes, it’s best to load it in as a SCORM file. For this, we use iSpring.

We have been so successful loading Google Translate into Storyline and Rise, that we thought we’d give it a try in iSpring. However, N R Z Malik hasn’t written anything for this, so I turned to my son, who writes JS to help me.

This solution, like the Rise solution, involves publishing the file as normal, and then modifying the index.html file.

This is a little bit of a work in progress, as I now have a text overlap problem, but as you can see, the solution my son wrote works!

We’ll keep working on it until its perfect, and then I’ll come back and update this blog!

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