Instructional Designer


Built in Storyline 360, this mini course on willpower showcases flip card animations and tabbed pages.

Click here to take the course for yourself!  

The learner’s name is collected on the title slide, and then re-used on the next slide.

Why was this built?  As new research about willpower is released, it occurred to me that people still believe the old myths about it.

I hear people talking about the marshmallow study in kids, and having that be the end all – be all to willpower.  The truth of willpower is far from the findings of that flawed study.  In the end, the famous marshmallow study isn’t about self control at all, it’s about reflected affluence.  However, this study has framed out thinking, albeit wrongly, for generations.


To read more about the marshmallow study’s debunking (Behavioral Scientist online) – click here.