Instructional Designer

Halcyon International School


The problem:  Halcyon International School wanted a way to communicate with its students, to send messages to groups of students, clubs, individual students, or grade years.  They wanted a solution that incorporated their zero waste/ no paper policy, and utilized each student’s 1-1 device policy.  Halcyon began talks with Locly in order to help build this solution, but they lacked a person on their end who could put in the time to build the interface.

The solution:  Working with the Locly team, I helped Halcyon build their internal app.  The app uses beacon technology to take student attendance when they enter the building.  It also pushes the daily messages that all student see.  When students enter the cafeteria, the menu appears on their device, allowing them to choose before they get to the front of the line.  If a class room has been changed, say from room 100 to room 104, students are alerted when they try to enter class 100 that todays lesson has been moved.

Using the app, students can take photos, including selfies, and even add in props like in SnapChat.  The app holds maps of the school, so that new attendees can learn their way around, as well as a live feed of the digital signage that is up in the school to help students monitor what is going on.  There are links to all Halcyon websites, including the parent community, student handbook and to a feedback/survey form that students can use to request new features or give feedback.  Students and parents can also go directly to the school calendar and have it handy at all times. Other functionalities include google maps, links to Halcyon’s social media, student wellbeing and safeguarding information and parent hub information, separate from their parent community.

The app evolved from a student app to one that the entire community uses, teachers, staff, parents and students.

The app now has a login, and shows slightly different information to its various groups :  Teachers/staff, parents, students.

Locly uses json and beacon technology with geolocation data.

While working with Halcyon, I also setup the parent community website.