Instructional Designer

Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

I was given the honor of receiving a Graduate Assistance Internship with the American College of Education where I’m taking my Masters degree courses.

I worked with some amazing people who helped foster my Instructional Design capabilities and provided me with valuable feedback.

Over the course of 5 weeks, I created and refined a course on Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback.

You can access the course here


The course is a micro-learning course and has two main sections – Giving constructive feedback and Receiving constructive feedback.  It starts with a welcome screen, and then takes the learner to a selection of givers and receivers (of feedback).  Their choices remain consistent throughout the course.  The course has an open navigation so that the learner can choose either giving/ receiving or both.  Links on this page include the objectives and reference lists.

These next two sections are 3 or 4 slides long depending on which selection the learner made.  All relevant material is chunked and made easy for the learner to understand.

   There are three interactions (activities) that go with the content. These support the learned material and help the learner internalize what they have learned. At the end there is a scenario based interaction that helps the learner practice the material learned.

At the beginning of the course, there is an introduction video (using Vyond and WellSaidLabs) that introduces the concepts to the learner and helps them connect with the material they may already know.

Using Vyond and WellSaidLabs, a second video was created to summarize all that the learner just learned and to keep it fresh in their minds.

The final slide gives the references and objectives again, shows the Summary video or restarts the course.