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Baggin’ Meals

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My community, like many others, is facing a food shortage during this pandemic.  Many families simply do not have enough to eat.  People are turning to food pantries in droves, and many of the pantries near me have run out of food and do not have enough to give.  How could I help?

Sometimes, the most simple solution with the simplest of tools can be the most helpful.  Introducing Baggin’ Meals.

A simple google site that is designed to give those that want to help the knowledge of how to create a meal in a bag that can be given to families in need.

screenshot of recipe site

This site did not cost any money to build, as it uses Google Sites.  A lot of research and time went into finding enough recipes that would be able to use shelf-stable items and be placed into a bag for people.  The website has breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas that  link to google docs downloadable/printable recipe cards.  It is designed to be user friendly and promote a wide variety of shelf stable meals.

This project can and will be updated as recipes are found, and user feedback is given.  I also plan on purchasing a domain name: to aid in the finding of the website.

In order to make this website and idea even more accessible to people, I used Glideapp to create an app based on the google spreadsheet that I created to house the recipe data.

   The Baggin’ Meals app features user logins, event creation and editing, and houses all the recipes that are on the website. It allows for favoriting recipes as well. Users can add recipes to the db, but cannot delete them.

Future upgrades will include shopping lists for selected recipes, and user addition of which meals they are donating, or which meals they want to pickup.  I will eventually allow users to modify/delete any recipes they added to the db.

  You can download the app yourself!  Scan this QR code or visit