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A Teenagers Guide to Being Helpful and Productive

A Teenagers Guide to being helpful and productive

Vol 1. The Kitchen

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This course, the first of many, is designed to help teenagers (12-23 years old roughly) to be a more productive member of their households.

This series is being created using the SAM module of Instructional Design, and is being created in Storyline 360.

I am including some xAPI functionality sending data to Veracity LRS, and I am working on adding in  javascript functionality to write out a printable completion certificate at the end of the course.

Here are the  learner and site analysis, a mind map and a storyboard.

mind map
Mind map of colors, fonts, icons and button styles

Several meetings with stakeholders (i.e. teenagers) were conducted to determine the fonts, color choices, layouts and character choices that would be the most engaging for them.

Content within the course has been chunked into small pieces keeping adult and child learning theories in mind.  No more than 5 items are shown on a page at any one time, and all accessibility options have been taken into account. Each section has videos, written and audio options, as well as a downloadable checklist.

This course has nested menus that hide when the mouse is not hovered over them.  In each module, there are also forward and back buttons to help guide users if they should so choose to use them.

As you can see in this picture, the activity for each module is locked until the learner has viewed all prerequisite materials.

This kitchen course features many interactive elements.  In this formative assessment, students will be selecting the items they think are true to see what they know at the beginning of the course.  Their answers are stored and showed to them at the end of the course.  In this way, learners can compare what they knew against what they learned.

In this summative assessment for the Be Helpful section, students drag the number on the left to the circle on the right where they think it should go.  Feedback is immediate with x’s if incorrect and check marks if correct.  Learners can retake this as many times as they want to before moving on.

Other sections like this Safety summative, include write-in statements.