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by jennifergupta / on 18 July, 2021


Astralplants made me some amazing facilitator guide icons! I needed some icons made for a facilitator guide I was putting together and Astralplants came through for me! They designed some amazing icons that fit the bill perfectly. Using Adobe illustrator, so that I could
by jennifergupta / on 27 June, 2021

Creating a drag and drop game

In this game, learners learn how to assemble 5 popular Baggin’ meals by dragging and dropping the ingredients into a brown paper bag. Game players are given the recipe to refer to as needed. They can even time themselves if they want to, and
by jennifergupta / on 12 May, 2021

Systemizing vs Empathizing

I recently ran across an article from Jed Diamond @, published Apr 10, 2021, entitled “The Truth About Men: Our Weakness is the Key To Our Greatness” that spoke about two types of brains: the Systemizing brain, and the Empathizing brain. The systemizing
by jennifergupta / on 1 May, 2021

Instructional Design Word-Find

I installed H5P, a wordpress plugin and have begun playing around with the interactive features that it gives. In particular, I am interested in the BETA feature of designing branching scenarios. In order to get a feel for what the plugin can do, I
by jennifergupta / on 6 March, 2021

Nesting Menu example with forward and backward buttons

Following on from my Nesting menu example from before, I have been asked to add forward and backward buttons to the interface. At first glance, this looked like it would be a challenge, as I was concerned about how the variables would interact with
by jennifergupta / on 27 February, 2021

Flip tab interactions

As part of my quick course on willpower (you can find more info in the projects section) I did a flip card interaction. I used some images and downloads from the Articulate community for this interraction.
by jennifergupta / on 20 February, 2021

Slider Do/Don’t

I’m a big fan of Articulate 360’s community and it’s collaboration. I love how friendly everyone is and how the create content for download and sharing.That content really helps me figure out the software and to interact with it in cool and exciting ways.
by jennifergupta / on 13 February, 2021

Nesting Vertical Menu Example

I searched all over the articulate community for a good nesting menu example that was vertical. I learned a lot about nesting and menus, but I couldn’t find anything that was what I was looking for, so taking what I learned, I built one