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by jennifergupta / on 26 February, 2023

Changing Perspectives

If there’s one thing we are all guilty of, it’s looking at a situation from a single perspective: our own. Let me tell you a story that has stuck with me for many, many years. Many years ago, when my firstborn was a toddler,
by jennifergupta / on 2 June, 2021

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

I was given the honor of receiving a Graduate Assistance Internship with the American College of Education where I’m taking my Masters degree courses. I worked with some amazing people who helped foster my Instructional Design capabilities and provided me with valuable feedback. Over
by jennifergupta / on 10 April, 2021

Quality Matters

Learning about what makes a great E-Learning course is essential for a good Instructional Designer. What better way to do that than to take a dive into Quality Matters? I recently finished their APPQMR (Applying the Quality Matters Rubric) course. This two week long